The Ballad of Angel Face (2009)

Dead Men DO Tell Tales (2008)

The Horsemen (2008)

The Homecoming (2008)

33 Griffin Lane (2007)

Book of Lore (2007)

The Taunting (2007)

The Deviants (2006)



The Cycle of Fifths

I. exordium eram sententia
II. The Exodus of Duality
III. Through the Valley of Death
IV. Augustus
V. Her Ladies roses
VI. Rotting in Pieces
VII. The Homecoming
VIII. An Evening Eclipse
IX. Death and Rebirth
X. Dreaming of you
XI. Walpurgisnacht
XII. The Age of Legends

Revelations of Wave and Form

I.He Rides Through Hallows Eve
II. The Tower on the Hill
III.Once upon a Midnight Dreary.
IV. Sturm Und Drang
V. The Red Priest
VI. Piano Sonata in C#m, Op. 143
VII.The Revelations of Wave & Form
VIII. The Passage
IX. Coronation of the Wicked
X. The Russian Highlands
XI. In Mourning, Funereal
XII. Shadows Sphere
XIII. *Battle Hymn of the Apocalypse
XIV. Manifesting the Sorcerers Lore
XV. The Knight, Death, and the Devil

XVI. **Mv. from the Sonata "Pathetique"

*Composed by Anton Szandor LaVey

** Composed by Ludwig Van Beethoven


The Law of 8ve

I. The Foundation of Malkuth
II. Amidnightscapes
III. Eros / Thanatos
IV. Piano-ipsissimus
V. Initiation to the Flame
VI. Though even Demons dare to Dance
VII. A formulae of Wave and Form
VIII. Within thee cosmic Spheres
IX. String Quartet in c# minor, opus 33
X. The Rapture, an Overture
XI. Aetheric Fibonnochian Re-Sequencing
XII. Etude interlude
XIII. The true will Desired
XIV. Thematic string motiff


Musick in Theory and Practice

I. The Creation of Thought Divine
II. Chapel Serenades MV 1-3
III. Evocation of Midnight Manifests
IV. "Vanitas" Concerto in G Minor Op 16
V. Bagatelles Opus 33 No. 6
VI. The Conjuration


The Court Composer

I. The Midnight Tower
II. Piano Sonata in Am Opus 23
III. Violin Concerto in C#m Opus 41
IV. Harpsidischordia
V. Victorian Waltz
VI. Symphony No. 1 Opus 13
VII. Harp Aire
VIII. Symphonaire Noctem Opus 48
IX. Concerto for Strings Opus 37
X. Chamber Musick